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Done-for-you booked meetings with qualified customers from your ideal customer profile.

We work as a strategic partner with pre-series A start-ups to help them book sales meetings with qualified customers so you can grow net new revenue and raise funding.
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The Challenge

As a start-up, building an outbound sales engine to grow your business can be difficult. Most start-ups start with trying to do paid advertising, implementing expensive sales software, and making 100 cold calls a day with little to no results to show for it.

Our Solution

We work under your brand umbrella and provide you with sales qualified meetings with buyers directly in your ICP - without all of the time-consuming (and expensive) headache of having to build it yourself so you can focus on building your start-up.

How We Do It​

We’ve worked in sales development for over 12+ years and developed our proven 5-Step Outbound Revenue Engine Model to implement at pre-series A start-ups that delivers sales qualified meetings with buyers directly in your ICP.

Our 5-Step Outbound Revenue Engine Model

Define TAM and ICP

Work together to define your Total Addressable Marketing (TAM) and map your ideal customer profile (ICP) using Human Verified and Validated Contact Records

Identify Messaging

Collaborate to create messaging uniquely tailored for each sales channel to address the problem you are solving

Execute Sales Campaign

We execute a thirty-day multi-channel outbound contact sequence using our full sales tech stack with LinkedIn, phone, email, one-to-one video, and SMS

Act on Real Time Feedback

Prioritize accounts based on real time feedback and outcomes

Deliver Sales Qualified Meetings

Deliver sales qualified meetings for your company

The Outbound Sales Guy Difference

Other Sales Agencies

  • High volume of low-quality leads
  • Low meeting show rates
  • Rely on a "spray and pray" approach
  • Only use cold-calling and email

The Outbound Sales Guy

  • Highly targeted, good fit leads
  • Use real time data to optimize
  • Refine campaign with agile feedback
  • Utilize a full, modern sales tech stack
  • Omni-channel approach

What our Clients Have to Say

"Highly Recommend"

Our sales team has pre-dominantly been out in the field sales reps knocking on doors, attending trade shows, and industry networking events.

When Covid-19 hit we had to pivot and implement an inside sales team which meant building an outbound sales function. I reached out to Martin The Outbound Sales Guy, because we had a previous relationship and I knew he was highly competent in this field so it made perfect sense to have him train our new sales development reps how to prospect for new business.

The process that Martin helped us establish and the tools and techniques at which he has been using to build pipeline
for companies in the software and IT space were tools we have heard of before for the most part however, we have not been utilizing them in the manner which Martin demonstrated to help book qualified sales meetings.

I highly recommend Martin and his team to any sales and revenue leader that is struggling to build pipeline or has found
themselves in a similar situation as we have.


James Fitzsimons

Business Development Manager

"Great Experience working with Martin"

Working with Martin, in my experience in a sales leadership capacity, was very positive.  Two things he really contributed to our organization:

1) Really positive mental attitude.  Very dilligent and disciplined in his work ethic.  He always came with happiness and contrinbuted positively to the rest of the team to make sure to encourage them and share what he knew with the rest of them.

2) His output.  His ability to forge relationships in social media, understanding of the landscape, understanding of how to really speak to people through text is a very difficult thing to do.  A lot of people in email and social messaging get caught up in their own goals and start to sound robotic and you can come off a little robotic.  Martin’s ability to sound conversational in email outreach has really helped his output.

Great experience working with Martin and would recommend him in any capacity working with your organization.


Adam Johnson


Service Packages

Filling Your Pipeline

  • A full stack outbound sales engine that includes one sales development rep



  • A full stack outbound sales engine that includes two sales development reps​​



  • A full stack outbound sales development rep offering that includes a dedicated SDR manager and a minimum of three sales development reps

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